Czvek Rigby is a Brussels-based architecture and urban planning practice developing a particular interest in collective, social and cultural projects within complex urban contexts. Involved in architectural projects as well as feasibility and masterplanning studies in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders, we feed our practice with the multiplicity of contexts within which we operate. We consider the complexity of each context, the needs and ambitions — expressed or not — of the clients and users, as elements that enrich the development of spaces as appropriable frameworks. Convinced that a project is only one step in the perpetual transformation of our environment, we pay particular attention to the development process, listen to different voices, challenge the impact on the urban context and leave room for future evolution at different scales. Our collaborative approach has led us to develop our reflections in dialogue with local and international architectural practices and experts that share and complement our ambitions.

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Maxime Czvek
Thomas Rigby
Marian Pocuch
Vjera Sleutel
Beate Zavadska
Elodie Eppe
Max Stabel
Michael Cambor
Sacha Trouiller
Edouard Fargues
Moritz Kaeser

Michael Cambor
Marco Carmosino
Domien Demey
Renata Surcan
Katrien Lommaert
Emile Wiseur
Marie Malingreau
Zuzana Jurcisinova
Liza Goncharenko
Matej Krempaský