Netwerk Aalst
Feasibility study for centre for contemporary art

Location : Houtkaai 15, 9300 Aalst
Architect : Czvek Rigby
Client : Netwerk Aalst
Structural Engineer : BAS
Technical Engineer : EFIKA
Environmental Engineer : EFIKA
Theatre Consultant : TTAS
Surface : 2.500 m²
Budget : 2.421.044 EUR excl. VAT & fees
Study : 2017

Netwerk Aalst aims to be a centre for contemporary visual art with a diverse range of exhibitions and a film house; closely linked to the city of Aalst; as a welcoming, accessible meeting place; with a heart for the neighbourhood and a strong ecological awareness.
This study creates a framework within which Netwerk Aalst can realize its ambitions. The document crystallizes the outlines of Netwerk Aalst by testing them against the spirit of the building and the program. The resulting spatial composition forms a point of reference for the future, which can be worked towards in various ways.
Our proposal the result of a co-production between different actors, in which first and foremost the internal organisation is restructured in order to arrive at a clear layout. Through a better internal functioning, an optimization of the accessibility and a sustainable improvement of the infrastructure, Netwerk Aalst will become a fully-fledged centre for contemporary visual art.
Netwerk Aalst welcomes the neighbourhood on the Houtkaai, is an initiator of the urban project “Rechteroever” and offers added value to the city of Aalst in the Flemish socio-cultural landscape.