Quai 55 Brussel
Office space refurbishment

Location : Quai au Foin, 1000 Brussels
Client : Teletech Consulting
Architect : Czvek Rigby
Main contractor: Philippe Habbay
Photographs : Annick Vernimmen
Surface : 400 m²
Budget : undisclosed
Timing: 2016

The redesign was based on a white canvas: an open plan with pronounced spatial conditions and technical limitations. The qualities of the place were maintained by respecting the openness, allowing the light to enter and by introducing different families of soft and mobile elements. In a subtle and harmonious way, the furniture, curtains, carpets, lighting, ... work together for a sequence of atmospheres and at the same time a continuous readability of the place.
Within a limited timing, we worked in close dialogue with the client, the end users and the various contractors. On a limited budget, efforts were made to reuse available furniture, such as frames, fittings and work tables. Specific adaptations, including new tabletops, fixation of lamps on walls instead of ceilings and lowering work tables to meeting tables, ensure a cohesion of the various components.
At the same time, the elements in the room also form different zones, from workstations along the facade, to central lunch areas and meeting rooms in the remote corners, shielded by curtains for necessary privacy. The lighting accentuates the different zones and works according to the logic of the space and the plan.