Deuzeldpark Schoten
Kindergarten and elementary school

Location : Sterrestraat, 2900 Schoten
Client : GO! Vlaams Gemeenschapsonderwijs
Architect : Czvek Rigby in collaboration with Natural Born Architects
Landscape Architect : LAND landschapsarchitecten
Structural Engineer: UTIL
Technical Engineer : Henk Pijpaert
Environmental Engineer : Henk Pijpaert
Acoustic Consultant : D2S International
Surface : 750 m²
Budget : 1.270.000 EUR excl. VAT & fees
Competition : 2016 (shortlisted)

Together with the Cogels park, primary school Deuzeldpark forms a unique environment for the neighbourhood and its youngest residents, to learn and play in a healthy environment. Our proposal for the new kindergarten follows the logic of the pavilions in the park. On the border between the two parks, the building does not want to form a fault line, but to keep its footprint as minimal as possible and allow for views. Therefor the building folds itself invitingly around the open space of the site.
By shifting the two storeys in relation to each other, two galleries are created, one on the side of the existing playground and one on the first floor in direct relation with the park. These two covered spaces are connected by stairs on the front facade and centrally a series of slopes, also functioning as a playground. The covered porches of the gallery allow a wide range of uses from a waiting point for children to play elements (for example, to hang a swing).
Using basic unambiguous building blocks, namely the rectangular classrooms and the porches, the new primary school not only clearly defines the site, but also simultaneously enters into a dialogue with the existing outdoor spaces. The neighbourhood thus preserves a school in the park, which does not withdraw nor imposes itself to its surroundings.