Decor Koersel
Local community and cultural centre

Location : Koersel Dorp, 3582 Beringen
Client : Stad Beringen
Architect : Czvek Rigby
Landscape architect : LAND
Structural Engineer : UTIL
Technical Engineer : RCR
Environmental Engineer : E+
Theatre Consultant: TTAS
Acoustic Consultant: ASM
Surface : 1.240 m²
Budget : 3.000.000 EUR excl. VAT & fees
Competition : 2016

Beringen is in search of a newe cultural centre within a site defined by the rear facades of a small community centre Koersel Dorp. Arriving and departing at the place is a distinct event. By making a statement about the boundary between the academy and the street side, and consequently including the music academy within the perimeter, a socio-cultural haven is created. Within this refuge, the academy and the socio-cultural centre can enter into dialogue with each other as autonomous objects.
By strengthening the perimeter condition of the public realm the experience does not start with the building, but with the various thresholds, entrances and passages, which lead to a new qualitative collective space for Koersel.
Between the three main cultural entities, a passage forms a publicly accessible space. This connector is the entrance and backbone for the project allowing different halls to be used together or independent Our proposal not only makes a statement about the built space, but focuses on the connection of autonomous outdoor spaces, which enable a diversity in use and support the socio-cultural centre and the adjoining academy altogether.